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posted 25.04.2022

What You Need to Know about Food and Exercise to Lose Belly Fat Fast

Belly fat can be hard to budge; despite healthy eating and an active lifestyle, you can still find it difficult to get a flatter stomach. If the thought of putting on a bikini is filling you with dread, here are a few simple ways to lose belly fat fast and drop a waist size.

Do Fat Burners Work for Quick Weight Loss?

Often promoted as the easy solution for weight loss, fat burners can work, but online websites may sell fat burners that contain dangerous ingredients.

One dangerous ingredient in fat burners and fat burning tablets to look out for is DNP (Dinitrophenol). DNP can also be called:

  • Dinosan
  • Solfo Black
  • Dinitra
  • Nitrophen
  • Aldifen
  • Dnoc
  • Chemox

This industrial chemical should never be added to any supplement and can be fatal, even when consumed in small doses. Available in tablet, capsule, powder or liquid form, fat burners containing DNP might be found online, where it is increasingly difficult to regulate the sale of this product.

The Best Foods to Burn Belly Fat

Trying to consume food to burn belly fat without reconsidering your entire diet will probably be a waste of time. Even if you do manage to lose weight, it might not come off your stomach area and unless you eat a balanced diet, you are likely to miss out on nutrients your body needs. The truth is that your diet can only help you to lose weight over your entire body, as weight loss can never be targeted to one area (without surgery).

Probiotic Drinks, Foods or Supplements

Probiotics are live microorganisms, often referred to as friendly bacteria. They are found in many foods naturally and are also available in drinks and sold in supplements. As well as being good for your overall health, research has shown that diverse gut bacteria can help regulate weight. Research into bacteria belonging to the Lactobacillus family in probiotics and weight loss has also indicated that this strain of bacteria reduces the amount of fat absorbed from food. Not all probiotics contain this strain of bacteria. So you should always check the ingredients and look out for Lactobacillus fermentum, Lactobacillus amylovorus and Lactobacillus gasseri.

Soluble Fibre

An ingredient that is often not appreciated for weight loss is soluble fibre. Although it is found in food, it can be easier to top up the amount you consume by buying soluble fibre in supplement form to add to drinks. Research has indicated that soluble fibre may reduce the calories absorbed from food and help you feel fuller for longer.


High protein diets have long been known as an effective way to lose weight and maintain weight. High protein food has been shown to raise metabolism, reduce appetite, and enable the body to retain muscle mass during weight loss. One study also indicates that even short term, a high protein diet can increase weight loss. Protein can be found in a wide range of food. However, if you are struggling, you might want to consider buying whey protein to make drinks with.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has a range of benefits and adding apple cider vinegar has to be one of the easiest diet changes you can make. Studies have explored how apple cider vinegar can reduce blood sugar levels and aid weight loss.

Food Intake vs Exercise

A balanced diet with restricted calorie intake may help you to lose weight, but exercise is vital if you want to get a flatter belly,

Weight Training and Aerobic Exercise

Resistance training, also called weight training, helps build muscle and speed up metabolic rate, which can help you get a flatter stomach. Research has indicated that fat loss is faster when weight training is combined with aerobic exercise, One study showed that integrating both types of exercise results in the highest decrease in visceral fat, which influences hormone function and may cause belly fat.

Weight Loss and Belly Fat

Weight loss does not mean you will lose belly fat. Unless you are already close to your ideal weight, you will need to commit to longer-term changes and regular exercise if you want a flatter tummy. Don’t become disheartened if at first you can’t see any difference or seem to be losing weight slowly. It will take time to build muscle and use the methods above to change your overall nutrition, but if you keep it up you have the highest chance of getting that flat stomach, just maybe not in the next few weeks!

Other options are aesthetic treatments such as fat melting and fat freezing as well as infrared sauna therapy, also called cryotherapy, which can reduce fat in specific areas of the body. Perfect when you just don’t have time to see results from diet and exercise.

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