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Deep cleansing Facial

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Advanced Pigmentation Facial

Treatment Overview

Clinical treatment

Brightens the Skin

Give a more even Skin Tone

Consultation by a Highly Qualified & Experienced Skin Specialist

Deep cleansing Facial


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This facial takes from 30 minutes to achieve more even skin tone.

Dark, patchy pigmentation on the skin’s surface is likely the result of sun damage, post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation (caused by acne), or hormonal skin (the mask of pregnancy). This clinical treatment aims to improve this colour build-up through breaking down existing pigment. Retinol, specialised peptides, and plant extracts, target different pigment mechanisms to boost results and brighten the complexion.

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"Hyperpigmentation can be an especially pesky problem for deeper complexions, which is why we love that this treatment is specially formulated to meet the needs of darker skin."


pigmentation facial before pigmentation facical after


pigmentation facical after


"Before going to Body Lipo Lincoln my skin looked dull and was dehydrated. I didn’t like my uneven skin tone. I was really impressed with results being so visible so quickly from my products and treatments. "

Advanced Pigmentation Facial

Treatment Price

1 Treatment 30 mins £50

6 30 minute Treatments Recommended £249 (save £51 when paid in full)

1 Treatment 60 mins £90

6 60 minute Treatments Recommended £449 (save £91 when paid in full)

1 Treatment 90 mins £130

6 90 minute Treatments Recommended £648 (save £132 when paid in full)

Save Save £84 when paid in full when paid up front.
Treatment is subject to a personal consultation with our specialists.

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