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Rosacea Facial

Treatment Overview

Reduces the Appearance ofRosacea

Lightweight Oil Free Hydrating Mask to Infuse Hydration

Natural Ingredients like Hinokitol and Shea Butter

Consultation by a Highly Qualified & Experienced Skin Specialist

Deep cleansing Facial


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A gentle, hydrating and soothing facial treatment.

Our Alumier MD medical-grade skincare provides you with the gentle care and attention that rosacea skin types require. A moisture mask with Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin B5 and shea butter plumps and hydrates the skin by drawing in moisture. For oily skin we opt for a lightweight, oil free hydrating mask to infuse hydration. Finishing with soothing ingredients like hinokitol and shea butter.

Louise white


"Rosacea skin varies widely from person to person but is often characterised by visible redness and dryness. Rosacea skin may not always show visible signs and may simply leave you with feelings of discomfort. These feelings and characteristics may be more prominent in certain areas of the face. This facial helps calm the skin and reduce senstivity."


rosacea facial before rosacea facial after


stephanie rosacea


"My skin was so dry and itchy and when I sctched it it made things worse, after my treatments my skin started to be less sensitive and now it feels great."

Rosacea Facial

Treatment Price

1 Treatment 30mins £50

6 30 minute Treatments Recommended £249 (save £51 when paid in full)

1 Treatment 60mins £90

6 60 minute Treatments Recommended £449 (save £91 when paid in full)

1 Treatment 90mins £130

6 90 minute Treatments Recommended £648 (save £132 when paid in full)

Treatment is subject to a personal consultation with our specialists.

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