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The team at Body Lipo Lincoln would love to help you to look radiant and glow. Each special offer is designed to make you feel wonderful and ensure your friends will be asking you what your secret is….

Fat Melting Courses – Non-Surgical Fat Reduction

Using a combination of non-surgical technologies, a prescriptive treatment plan will be devised for Fat Reduction from your area of concern. 

Step 1:

Fat Melting (Cavitation) is a method of non-surgical Fat Reduction. It destroys fat cells in the body safely, effectively, and non-invasively using low-frequency ultrasound waves. 

The treatment works by applying a specially designed handpiece to your skin which transmits ultrasonic waves back and forth, gradually vibrating the fat cells turning the fat cells into liquid, without harming any other tissue. The liquid is then transported to the liver and kidneys and expelled naturally from the body. 

Step 2:

Skin Tightening is a part of your fat Melting treatment, it’s a non-invasive and pain-free treatment that combines radiofrequency waves with ultrasound technology to target and destroy fat cells, without damaging the skin or muscles. Used on selected body areas it can significantly reduce fat deposits and improve the body’s contours. 

It is also very effective at tightening the skin and reducing the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. 

Step 3:

Acoustic Therapy, aka Shockwave Therapy, aids fat reduction by stimulating the breakdown of fat, skin. 

The high-energy waves squeeze the surrounding tissue and break down the stubborn fat structure while also stimulating collagen, improving blood flow, and stimulating lymphatic drainage, which is extremely important for draining the broken down fat cells, other toxins, and waste to exit the body.  

Ultimate Package

Buy a course of eight Fat Melts and Power Sculpts for £1240 saving £544 (when paid in full)


The Power Sculpt uses HIFEM technology to contract and relax the muscle far greater then we can do naturally, which builds strength and muscle mass. Just one 30 minute treatment is equivalent to 20,000 crunches or squats. Fed up of home workouts? You can keep your fitness levels up with the Power Sculpt.”

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Laser Hair Removal Package

If you’ve had enough of shaving, waxing and hair remover cream and want a longer lasting solution for stubborn face and body hair, laser hair removal could be the answer.

Laser hair removal is a great way to regain confidence, permanently reducing unwanted hair by as much as 95%.

At Body Lipo Lincoln we offer laser hair removal in a friendly, comfortable environment, leaving you feeling confident and smooth.

Now is the perfect time to begin your Laser Hair Removal journey at Body Lipo Lincoln

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