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Deep cleansing Facial

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Acne Facial

Treatment Overview

Reduces the Appearance of Acne

Cleanse and Exfoliate with Salicylic Acid

Detoxifying Clay Mask to Refine, Purify and Draw out Impurities

Consultation by a Highly Qualified & Experienced Skin Specialist

Deep cleansing Facial


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Reduce acne and help even your skin tone.

Oily, congested and hormonal skin will love this detoxifying treatment. This targeted facial is designed to thoroughly cleanse and exfoliate with salicylic acid, followed by a detoxifying clay mask to refine, purify and draw out impurities. Targeted treatment serums containing retinol, brightening and antioxidant ingredients are then applied to enhance the skin’s absorption and boost results.

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"This facial is a must for anyone suffering from oily, congested and hormonal skin, this will help reduce acne and even your skin tone."


Acne Facial Acne Facial


Acne Facial


"I hated my spots and never liked my photo being taken, now I will go out with my freinds, Louise has helped me so much I can't thank her enough."

Acne Facial

Treatment Price

1 Treatment, 30mins £50

6 30 minute Treatments Recommended £249 (save £51 when paid in full)

1 Treatment, 60mins £90

6 60 minute Treatments Recommended £449 (save £91 when paid in full)

1 Treatment, 90mins £130

6 90 minute Treatments Recommended £648 (save £132 when paid in full)

Treatment is subject to a personal consultation with our specialists.

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