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Treatment Overview

Helps with Pain Relief in Muscles, Back and Joints

Reduces Stress

Increases Wellbeing

Burnes Calories

Helps with Symptoms of Fibromyalgia and other Chronic Fatigue Conditions

infrared sauna pod


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Experience our infrared Sauna which features a full-body spectrum experience. Our body Pod heats your body, detoxifies you, boosts your immune system, and calms your nervous system. The benefits include; pain relief, collagen boosting, anti-aging, skin purification, cell health, improves circulation, boosts mood, burns calories, gives you a workout (without actually working out) (a great non surgical fat removal treatment), and gives your skin a lovely glow. All in one treatment, while you lay on jade stones and experience a beautiful massage tailored to your body needs.

Infrared Sauna Therapy – The Best Health Benefits

The benefits of infrared saunas are endless, from improving your sleep to relaxation and relief. If you are experiencing sore muscles, joint pain or arthritis, infrared saunas can help to relieve these symptoms. Infrared therapy has also been known to provide clearer and tighter skin, as well as improving circulation, it is also known for helping people who are suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome.

Here at Body Lipo Lincoln we pride ourselves on the treatments that we provide as well as our exceptional customer service and commitment to excellence. The team at Body Lipo Lincoln will go further making sure that you are relaxed and feel comfortable at all times, whether you’re looking to rejuvenate for a ‘new year new you‘ or you have some symptoms you’d like the relieve. Before your treatment begins, we will also take the time to go over the process as well as consider your main goals and outcome of the infrared treatment. If infrared saunas are a treatment that you are considering, please get in touch with the team at Body Lipo Lincoln today, we can be on hand to answer all of your questions as well as provide you with further information.


Louise white


"Our infrared sauna pod is my favorite tool for getting healthy and staying healthy. I love having a relaxing escape in our sauna pod. In fact, I make it a priority to spend time in our sauna a few times a week. I have listed just a few of the best health benefits:Infrared Saunas Boost Immunity, Saunas Are Good for Your Cardiovascular Health, Saunas May Help Fight Diabetes, Saunas Help Detoxification, Saunas Can Support Healthy Weight Loss, Saunas Can Help Reduce Inflammation and Pain, Saunas for a Healthy, Happy Brain, Saunas Helps Improve Skin Health, Saunas May Help Restore Energy and Improve Chronic Fatigue Symptoms, Saunas Accelerate the Healing of Wounds, Saunas Can Improve Muscle Recovery, Saunas May Improve Physical Performance and Endurance, Saunas Can Increase Human Growth Hormone (HGH), "


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Louise Infrared sauna

Louise, Lincolnshire

"I have fibromyalgia and this sauna pod is the only thing that helps my aching muscles, I have more movement after treatment."

Infrared Sauna

Treatment Price

30 mins £30

Buy 8 and get 2 free £240

Save when paid up front in full.

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