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We are proud to be part of your journey to the best you. Here is just a small selection of our treatment results.

How often do you think about wee? Are you dreading going back to the office?

If you don’t have any bladder issues – like the oops moment when you laugh, cough or sneeze or feel like you need the loo all the time, probably not much.  Yet heading back to the office you might want to think about your bladder health.

Pre-Covid, you worked all-day with few bathrooms breaks as many of us don’t get the opportunity to go to the toilet whenever you want, but spending the last year working from home with constant access to the bathroom and going whenever the feeling takes you, may have resulted in you spoiling your bladder making going back to the office a little bit tricker.

The more often we go and the less volume we hold in our bladder, the brain will train itself this is the new norm, but when we get back to the office and the toilet breaks are less often the urge to pee becomes more of a problem.

On average the bladder will hold between 300ml to 500ml when you first get the urge to pee expanding to 1000ml in a large bladder at desperation point.  Which mean that the average bladder should be emptied 5 – 7 times per day (for someone drinking 2 litres of fluid per day). 

So is this a problem that we have over indulged our bladder?  Well for someone with a healthy bladder no, but if you suffer from urge or stress incontinence this can be a serious concern.  One of the most common practices to get your bladder back into shape, is bladder training which retrains the brain to send the urge you need the loo when your bladder has more pee in it so you need the toilet less frequently.

When bladder training and you first feel the urge to pee hold it for 10 mins do this for 7 days, if you can do this easily increase the time to 20 mins for week 2, then you can increase this in week three to 30 mins, week four to 45 mins, week five to 60 mins and week six to 90 mins.  If you can’t comfortably make the times keep repeating this week until you can.   Important note do not hold your bladder to the point where you feel pain this is a sign that your bladder is too full.

In summery try not to spoil your bladder and go to the loo as soon as the feeling strikes, try holding for a little while this may just help your transition back to the office more comfortable.

If you are suffering for Stress or Urge incontinence why not speak to one of continence specialists at Body Lipo Lincoln and discover the life changing benefits of the Emsella Chair.

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Should you wish to book a consultation, the cost is £50 which is redeemable against your treatment plan. To Book your consultation you can click the link below or call 01522 405559 in office hours.


Home Results Gallery

We are proud to be part of your journey to the best you. Here is just a small selection of our treatment results.



SPF is essential every day, even in the winter months.  The suns aging rays can penetrate clouds leaving your skin vulnerable to its exposure.  Sun damage can cause premature aging, sun spots and can lead to skin cancer.  You should wear a minimum of SPF 30 every day as single product not a combined in makeup.


Getting a good eight hours sleep is also good for your skin, when we don’t get enough rest our skin and look pale, dull and often leave dark circles under our eyes.  Not get enough sleep affects skin hydration, collagen growth and skin texture.


Exfoliating is important to get rid of dead skin cells which gives us a brighter complexion.  Unfortunately, over exfoliating can cause damage to your skin barrier by causing tiny tears.  If using a physical exfoliator, you should use it only 2 -3 times per week and be very gentle in its application. Chemical exfoliators are a good alternative and are gentler to your skin.


You should be changing your pillowcases every 3-4 days to prevent bacteria from multiplying, certain bacteria can lead to acne.  Top tip invest in silk pillow cases which are softer on the skin and can help to reduce wrinkles.


Water is the best and cheapest beauty product you can buy for your skin.  You should be drinking at least 2-3 litres of water a day.  Hydrated skin makes it look bright and plump without the use of hyaluronic acids.


Your neck needs attention too.  The neck is often forgotten and is one of places on our body that shows signs of ageing the most.  When using moisturiser and SPF don’t just stop at the jaw line bring down to the neck as well.


Leaving your make up on when you go to bed is one of the worst things you can do for your skin and speeds up the signs of aging dramatically.  Don’t forget your skin is the largest organ in the body and needs to breath.  Try taking your make up off after your evening meal so you’re not so tempted to just jump into bed at the end of a long day.


Most phones are a haven for bacteria and when we answer a call we put the phone to our face and transfer the bacteria onto it.  Clean your phone regularly with anti-bacterial wipes.

Home Results Gallery

We are proud to be part of your journey to the best you. Here is just a small selection of our treatment results.

The Three Best Exercises to Strengthen the Pelvic Floor

It’s important to note after child birth and again at menopause and with natural aging we lose strength in our pelvic floor, the result of this is what the pad adverts call the oops moment, it means when we cough, laugh or sneeze we put pressure though our abdominal region and push down the bladder which can open the urethra and give us leakage (stress incontinence) but this can also happen in exercise or simply when you stand from a seated potion.  

The pelvic floor is responsible to support the bladder, uterus and bowl.  When the Pelvic floor is strong it stops the organ sagging and the opening to the vagina, rectum and urethra remains tight. 

The First way to stop pelvic floor weakness is by strengthening the pelvic floor and supporting the bladder to stop it moving and leaking.  A strong pelvic floor muscle this will support the bladder, uterus and bowl and help with lower back pain.

Other factors that will weaken a pelvic floor chronic coughing, lifting heavy objects and being overweight.  A weak pelvic floor can lead to painful sex, gas incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse.  So, if you feel you have a weak pelvic floor its never to late to start the exercises below.

One:  Body Weight Sumo Squats

These work the largest part of the pelvic floor muscle, stand with your feet shoulder width apart, point your toes out wards and bend at the knees to a 90% angel keeping a straight back while pushing the bum and hips back into a seated position and hold for three seconds and return to the start position.   This will not only work your pelvic floor but also the Glutes, Quadriceps and Hamstrings.  Do three sets of 12 to 16 reps

Two:  The Bridge

Lay down on your back with your feet and palms of your hands flat to the floor, fold your knees to a 90% angle and raise your hips up while squeezing your glutes.  With your body weight on your shoulder and upper back you will fill your abs and pelvis stretching.  Hold for three seconds and return to the start position.  Do three sets of 12 to 16 reps.

Three: Kegels (pelvic floor crunches)

This is by far is the best exercise you can do for the pelvic floor strength this involves contracting and relaxing the pelvic floor.  The easiest way to locate the correct muscle is to stop a flow of urine mid flow, once you can recognise the correct muscle you can do this anywhere.  Now you can locate the right muscle contract and lift the pelvic floor and hold for between 5 and 10 second then release do this 10 times, three times per day.

Don’t despair if you do not have the time to do the exercises above, we at Body Lipo Lincoln can help, The Emsella is an advanced medical device which simply looks like a chair. The Emsella uses electromagnetic technology to stimulate the pelvic floor muscles – this stimulation tightens the pelvic floor muscles, helping to alleviate incontinence. If like most of us you struggle to do your pelvic floor crunches daily, fear not – just 1 session on the Emsella chair is the equivalent of 11,200 pelvic floor crunches! 

EMSella Chair Information

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Should you wish to book a consultation, the cost is £50 which is redeemable against your treatment plan. To Book your consultation you can click the link below or call 01522 523777 in office hours.


Home Results Gallery

We are proud to be part of your journey to the best you. Here is just a small selection of our treatment results.

Fat Freezing the hottest trend!

There has been a lot of buzz lately about fat freezing. Freezing fat, known medically as cryolipolysis, is one of the hottest trends in non-invasive body sculpting — that is, losing pockets of fat without needles, knives, or real downtime.

The basics of Body Fat.

Let’s start with the basics. Not all fat is created equal. We have two distinct types of fat in our bodies: subcutaneous fat (the kind that may roll over the waistband of your pants) and visceral a fat (the stuff that lines your organs and is associated with diabetes and heart disease.

From here on out, when we refer to fat, we are talking about subcutaneous fat, as this is the type of fat that cryolipolysis targets. A recent study showed that the body’s ability to remove subcutaneous fat decreases with age, which means we are fighting an uphill battle.

Cryolipolysis — which literally translates into cold (cryo) fat (lipo) destruction (lysis) — was invented, in part, by observing what can happen when kids eat ice lollies. No kidding here. The cofounders of this process were intrigued by something called “cold-induced fat necrosis” that was reported to occur after young children ate ice lollies that were inadvertently left resting on the cheek for several minutes. Skin samples taken from the patients, these showed inflammation in the fat, but normal overlying skin. Thus, it appeared that fat may be more sensitive to cold injury that other tissue type

Using this concept, a cooling device was tested on pigs in 2007 to see if fat cells could be selectively destroyed. The results were promising and predictable; there was about a 15mm reduction in the pig’s fat layer, without damaging the overlying skin, in the treated areas. By 2010, the first cryolipolysis technology approved for human use, the treatment was cleared for love handles. Clearance for treating other parts of the body, including the thighs, belly, bra fat, back, underside of the buttocks, and chin soon followed.

How does cryolipolysis work?

No one knows for sure, but we think that a few days after treatment, the cooled fat cells die. Over the next several months, macrophages, part of the immune system’s clean-up crew, digest the dead fat cells.

A cool procedure

To date, there have been more than eight million fat freezing treatments performed worldwide. Unlike liposuction, which can require anaesthesia and comes with risks of bleeding or serious infection, Fat Freezing is a relatively safe in-office procedure, with minimal pain and no downtime.

The treatment itself takes 30 to 60 minutes per application, and multiple applications may be needed to cover an area.

The most common side effects of treatment include redness, bruising, swelling, tingling, numbness, or darkening of the treated area. Most of these side effects, if present, will resolve within several hours after treatment.

Results can be seen as soon as two weeks, with maximum benefit seen at approximately three months. Average reduction in fat ranges from about 10% to 40% per round of treatment, and there is no evidence of any body-wide side effects. A second round of treatment may be needed after several months, depending on the desired results.

Who’s a good candidate for fat freezing?

Cryolipolysis appears to be a safe and effective treatment for fat loss without the downtime of liposuction or surgery. But it is important to note that cryolipolysis is intended for fat loss, not weight loss. The ideal candidate has stubborn, pinchable areas of fat that are difficult to get rid of with diet and exercise. Cryolipolysis also doesn’t target visceral fat, so it won’t improve your overall health. But it may help you fit into your favourite pair of skinny jeans.

Choosing the right clinic?

Multi Award Winning Body Lipo Lincoln is a medical lead clinic using only the best in Cryolipolysis technology,  we believe only highly trained medical professions should preform aesthetic treatments, when choosing your clinic ask to see qualifications of practitioner and before and after pictures of their work (NOT STOCK PHOTOS).  Every reputable clinic should be proud to show you their work and credentials.

Should you wish to book a consultation, the cost is £25 which is redeemable against any treatment plan.   To Book your consultation you can click the link below or call 01522 523777 in office hours.


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