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Fat Melt & Power Sculpt

Limited Time Offer: Save £544 on a course of Fat Melt & Power Sculpt


Supercharge Your Way To The Body Shape, Appearance and Tone You Want, Fast and Without Fad Diets Or High Intensity Workouts

Introducing the dynamic duo of Fat Melt and Power Sculpt – the non-invasive powerhouse that supercharges fat loss and tones muscles, fast.

This dynamic combination not only helps you shed unwanted fat and reveal a leaner physique but also allows you to build strength, enhance muscle definition, and boost your overall endurance. Say goodbye to plateauing progress and hello to a more sculpted, toned, and confident version of yourself.

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How it works

Step 1: Fat Melt

The treatment works by applying a specially designed handpiece to your skin which transmits ultrasonic waves back and forth, gradually vibrating the fat cells turning the fat cells into liquid, without harming any other tissue. The liquid is then transported to the liver and kidneys and expelled naturally from the body.

Step 2: Skin Tightening

 A combination of radiofrequency waves with ultrasound technology is used to target and destroy fat cells, without damaging the skin or muscles. Used on selected body areas it can significantly reduce fat deposits and improve the body’s contours.

It is also very effective at tightening the skin and reducing the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks

Step 3: Stubborn Fat Breakdown

High-energy shockwaves aid fat reduction by stimulating the breakdown of fat.  They squeeze the surrounding tissue and break down the stubborn fat structure while also stimulating collagen, improving blood flow, and stimulating lymphatic drainage, which is extremely important for draining the broken down fat cells, other toxins, and waste to exit the body.

Step 4: Tone & Sculpt

Power Sculpt uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology (HIFEM®) to contract and relax the targeted muscles significantly more than we can through conventional exercise.  


Areas such as abdomen, buttocks, thighs, triceps, biceps and calves, receive electromagnetic stimulation to effectively engage and tone muscles. By generating magnetic fields that polarise and depolarise, motor neurone pulses are created in 100% of the muscle fibre

When these magnetic pulses are delivered rapidly, they compel the muscles to contract in a manner similar to the intensity experienced during rigorous physical activity.

This activity prompts  the muscle tissue to adjust resulting in sculpted muscle growth and fat reduction.


Just one 30 minute treatment is equivalent to 20,000 crunches or squats

"My sessions so far have been amazing, it’s the personal touch that stands out for me. From the welcoming receptionist, the drinks with the fruit on the side and Louise made me feel so welcome. She explained the process of fat melting to make me feel at ease and was both professional but really lovely to chat to throughout. The fat melting is also so relaxing and the clinic is just stunning. I have seen results after just 2 sessions and have booked in for more. Would definitely recommend BodyLipo clinic to all my Friends."
Claire, Lincolnshire



The Results





“I dropped two dress sizes, I would recomend this treatment to anyone who needs help losing weight, Louise kept me so focused and on my target. I could not have done it without you, thank you!”
April, Lincolnshire




  • Instant inch loss

  • Target stubborn fat deposits

  • Lose unwanted weight

  • Boost energy levels

  • Increase your confidence

  • Non-Surgical, Non-Invasive

  • Pain free treatment

  • No downtime

  • Quick & easy

  • Permanent Results

  • Tightens Lax Skin

  • Reduce stretch marks

  • Increases metabolic rate so you burn more calories naturally



  • Burn fat
  • Tone & build muscle
  • Enhance muscle definition
  • Lift & tighten
  • Quick & easy
  • Improve posture and movement with increased muscle strength
  • Equivalent to 20,000 Crunches or Squats
  • No Need to Exercise
"I definitely felt my muscles working and the results are amazing, all after just one treatment!"
Power Sculpt
Danielle, Lincolnshire



An average fat reduction of several centimetres can often be achieved during a single session. The achieve the very best results, we recommend a course of 8 treatments.



Why Combine The Two?

Combining Fat Melt and Power Sculpt can offer a comprehensive approach to achieving your fitness goals. Fat Melt focuses on burning stubborn fat deposits, helping you slim down and reveal a leaner physique. On the other hand, Power Sculpt targets muscle building and toning, helping you enhance muscle definition and strength. 

By combining these two treatments, you can experience the benefits of both fat loss and muscle sculpting, leading to a more balanced and toned body overall. This combination can help you achieve a more holistic approach to fitness and reach your desired results faster.

Frequently asked questions about laser hair removal

Here are some of frequently asked questions we hear about laser hair removal in our Lincoln clinic. If there’s anything we haven’t covered, feel free to get in touch!

No, for the majority of people, laser hair removal does not hurt. Many people report a tingling sensation, but no major pain. If you have particularly sensitive skin or a low tolerance to pain you may feel discomfort, but this shouldn’t be any more than the feeling of an elastic band snapping against your skin.
In some cases, after a few treatments laser hair removal leads to permanent results, but most people find they need a follow up treatment after six months to a year.
Everyone is different and we will take the time to understand your specific needs before we begin, but if you’re struggling with stubborn hair and want a hassle free, long lasting solution, this could well be the best hair removal treatment for you!

Yes. The process was approved as safe back in 1997, and changes in technology mean that this method of hair removal is safer and more effective than ever.

Laser hair removal relies on thousands of tiny pulses of light that are delivered direct to the hair follicle, destroying unwanted hairs at the root. For the process to be effective it must be undertaken when the hair is actively growing, because hair grows at different rates in different parts of the body. This means it usually takes several treatments before permanent results can be seen, but permanent hair removal is definitely possible.
IPL (Intense Pulse Light) hair removal uses a variety of different wavelengths that affect both the hair follicle and the skin around it. Laser hair removal is different because it’s an intense beam that’s targeted in one place only, which means the surrounding skin isn’t damaged in the process and more precise results can be achieved.
In most cases you would need to be at least 18 to book in for laser hair removal, but we are happy to discuss individual cases.
Laser is suitable for any part of the body apart from the eyelids, but we are most commonly asked to remove unwanted hair on the arms, legs, back, bikini line, underarms and face.
Most people need around six laser hair removal treatments to ensure the best possible results. This is because hair grows at different rates, so targeting every single follicle effectively takes time. The treatments are usually spaced about four to six weeks apart.

Unfortunately laser hair removal is not for everyone, the conditions below are not suitable to have treatment:

Pregnancy or breast feeding
Diabetes Type one & two
All types of cancers
Herpes & cold sores
Antipsychotic Medication

Face Treatments

Face TreatmentsSingle SessionCourse of 6
Full Face£100£500
Cheek Bone£75£375
Upper Lip or Chin£55£275
Upper Lip & Chin£75£375

Upper Body Treatments

Upper Body TreatmentsSingle SessionCourse of 6
Full Back£140£700

Lower Body Treatments

Lower Body TreatmentsSingle SessionCourse of 6
Full Leg£250£1,250
Feet or Toes£80£400
Lower Leg£140£700

How to get the best results

Prior to your laser hair removal treatment we ask that you don’t use any oils, moisturisers or sunscreen on your skin. It’s also advisable to shave in the 12 hour period before your treatment, as having as few hairs as possible first makes the process more comfortable. It’s essential that you avoid fake tans and stay away from sunbeds prior to the treatment too, to ensure your skin is safe and undamaged by UV rays.

Laser Hair Removal Prep

How to look after your skin following laser hair removal

Your skin may be a little sensitive following treatment, so it’s important to follow these guidelines in the first few days following treatment:

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“Louise at Body Lipo Lincoln is professional and considerate and provides great after service advice & care, always making herself available if you have questions or concerns. After only three treatments I saw a significant reduction in growth and am now almost finished my course of treatments with great results. It was the best money I ever spent and has given me freedom and confidence I never thought I would have.”
Client Testimonial
Jean, Lincoln
“Top laser hair removal and really good customer service. I can’t fault the treatment I received here and I got amazing results as well! Don’t hesitate, book now.“
Client Testimonial
Robert, Lincoln
“When I met Louise, I very upset and tearful because again I had an ingrowing hair turning into a cyst. This is so painful and can only be treated with antibiotics and even surgery. I did not want to through this again and decided to use the laser for the bikini area. Louise has been amazing as she reassured me that this was a common issue often due to shaving or waxing. I can now enjoy beautiful underwear without the fear I would end up with another ingrowing hair when I had to wax.”
Client Testimonial
Linda, Lincoln
With the laser hair removal treatment on my legs, I got amazing results and decided to have laser on other areas. After waxing and shaving for many years my skin was becoming very sensitive and I started to have ingrowing hairs. I could not believe that after the first treatment the hairs drastically reduced and my ingrowing hairs disappeared, and also the quality of the skin improved amazingly. I highly recommend, Body Lipo Lincoln laser hair removal.
Client Testimonial
Sheeba, Lincoln
“Excellent service, very welcoming and gay friendly. Could not hope for a better results. I would totally recommend Body Lipo Lincoln.”
Client Testimonial
John, Lincoln

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