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posted 01.09.2021

How often do you think about wee? Are you dreading going back to the office?

If you don’t have any bladder issues – like the oops moment when you laugh, cough or sneeze or feel like you need the loo all the time, probably not much.  Yet heading back to the office you might want to think about your bladder health.

Pre-Covid, you worked all-day with few bathrooms breaks as many of us don’t get the opportunity to go to the toilet whenever you want, but spending the last year working from home with constant access to the bathroom and going whenever the feeling takes you, may have resulted in you spoiling your bladder making going back to the office a little bit tricker.

The more often we go and the less volume we hold in our bladder, the brain will train itself this is the new norm, but when we get back to the office and the toilet breaks are less often the urge to pee becomes more of a problem.

On average the bladder will hold between 300ml to 500ml when you first get the urge to pee expanding to 1000ml in a large bladder at desperation point.  Which mean that the average bladder should be emptied 5 – 7 times per day (for someone drinking 2 litres of fluid per day). 

So is this a problem that we have over indulged our bladder?  Well for someone with a healthy bladder no, but if you suffer from urge or stress incontinence this can be a serious concern.  One of the most common practices to get your bladder back into shape, is bladder training which retrains the brain to send the urge you need the loo when your bladder has more pee in it so you need the toilet less frequently.

When bladder training and you first feel the urge to pee hold it for 10 mins do this for 7 days, if you can do this easily increase the time to 20 mins for week 2, then you can increase this in week three to 30 mins, week four to 45 mins, week five to 60 mins and week six to 90 mins.  If you can’t comfortably make the times keep repeating this week until you can.   Important note do not hold your bladder to the point where you feel pain this is a sign that your bladder is too full.

In summery try not to spoil your bladder and go to the loo as soon as the feeling strikes, try holding for a little while this may just help your transition back to the office more comfortable.

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