Fat freeze

posted 03.02.2022

Fat Freezing, Six of the biggest Misconceptions.

At Body Lipo Lincoln Fat Freezing is one of our most popular treatments with over 10,000 successful treatments performed to date.  There are many myths surrounding Fat Freezing below are the top Six myths solved:

1. Is Fat Freezing a weight loss treatment.

It is a mistake to think that fat reduction and weight loss are the same.  Fat Freezing crystalises the water content in the fat cell, the fat cell can’t live without water and slowly dies over a 2 to 8 week period removing the fat cell completely so you have fewer fat cells.   Weight loss will use the fatty acids in the fat cell through diet or exercise, so the size of the fat cell reduces but the number of fat cells in the body will remain the same waiting to be refilled.

2. Can Fat Freezing tighten the skin.

Fat Freezing treatment is just a fat reduction treatment, and will NOT tighten the skin.  Fat Freezing works by targeting the fat cells beneath the skin to freeze them, and over the period of 2 – 8 weeks, these fat cells begin to break down and die, then removed to the lymphatic system where it’s excreted away. If you’re looking for skin tightening as well as fat reduction, we would recommend either the Fat Melting or Power Sculpt treatments, or for just Skin Tightening we recommend Radio Frequency.

3. Can you only freeze the stomach.

Fat Freezing can be used on any area listed below:








4. Will Fat Freezing give instant results.

Fat reduction with Fat Freezing (Cryolypolisis) is a safe and effective procedure, we have been performing fat freezing treatments for several years with great success, however the results are not instant, you can expect to notice improvements in as little as 2 weeks, but in most cases, clients will see best results at 8 weeks post-treatment. We find that our best results come with a combination of technologies such as Fat Freezing, Fat melting, Shock Wave and Power Sculpt together to give optimal results.

5. Is Fat Freezing painful.

Fat Freezing is not painful, in treatment you will a coldness and then numbness for a few minutes until you get used to the sensation.  After the treatment, the therapist will massage the treated area to help break down the fat cells.  This is a non-surgical treatment so there is no downtime so you can return to a normal routine after treatment.

6. Can you gain weight after Fat Freezing.

Fat Freezing will not prevent the body from gaining new fat cells if we consume more calories than we use we will gain new fat cells as a natural part of the growth process. This is why it is important to make healthy diet and lifestyle choices after your treatment.

By Marcus Hudson, Body Lipo Lincoln