laser hair removal

posted 13.10.2021

Read what the experts say about Ingrowing hair and Laser Hair Removal

Many of us do not like the look of body or facial hair but with plucking, threading, Shaving, depilatory creams and waxing can leave you with irritable, painful unwanted ingrowing hairs.  Worst still, all those options are temporary — so, the problem just eventually repeats itself. In search for a solution, I reached out to experts to find out more about pesky ingrowing hairs and to learn if laser hair removal is the best way to stop them!

Jessica Hendry Aesthetics Practitioner

“An ingrown hair occurs when the hair grows back into the skin. This causes unwanted complications such as inflammation, pain, infection and darkening of the skin,” aesthetic practitioner Jessica Hendry of Body Lipo Lincoln . “I absolutely recommend Laser Hair Removal as the ultimate way to combat the formation of ingrown hairs. It literally gets to the root of the problem! Laser hair removal selectively targets hair follicles to stop hairs from growing back in the first place. No hair growth means no ingrown hairs!”

“Sure, ingrown hairs are uncomfortable but can also lead to scarring, discoloration and even cysts! Laser hair removal is the most effective way to prevent ingrown hairs because it targets the source of the problem by damaging the hair follicle and inhibiting the follicle’s ability to produce hair,” notes aesthetic. “As a bonus, laser hair removal will leave you with soft and smooth skin, which means you can ditch the razor and cancel your waxing appointments for good!”

Louise White Clinical Lead & founder of Body Lipo Lincoln

“Ingrown hairs are a common problem, particularly in areas of dense, coarse hair growth like the bikini line!” says Louise White Clinical lead and founder of Body Lipo Lincoln.  “Since this area is exposed in a bathing suit, people often pick at ingrown as an attempt to resolve them, which in turn only increases redness, risk of infection and PIH (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation)! In my opinion, the best permanent solution to a smooth, hair free bikini line is laser hair removal with state-of-the-art technology that kills ingrown hairs at the root-like Trilogy Ice Advance Laser hair Removal system.  It takes about six to eight treatments spaced four to six weeks apart, so I recommend starting now to achieve a beautiful bikini line free of ingrown, irritation and dark spots by next summer!”

“If you don’t grow your hair, you, of course, can’t get ingrown hair, So, yes, laser hair removal is the gold standard means by which you can prevent ingrown hair! The most common thing we hear from patients suffering from ingrown hair is that they wish they knew about laser hair removal treatments years ago!”

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