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posted 16.05.2022

Emsella Chair Breakthrough Treatment for Incontinence | Enjoy Summer Your Way

Urinary incontinence is uncomfortable and often embarrassing (although it shouldn’t be). Most women will experience urinary incontinence at some point in their lives and you should not feel embarrassed about seeking treatment from your GP. The Emsella chair is a breakthrough treatment for urinary incontinence.

The four most common types of urinary incontinence are:

  • Stress incontinence — when you leak a small amount of urine when you strain, such as through coughing or exercise.
  • Urge incontinence — also referred to as an overactive bladder, is when you have a sudden urge to urinate and sometimes can not make it to the toilet in time.
  • Overflow incontinence — when you can not fully empty your bladder and leak urine frequently.
  • Mixed incontinence — usually refers to a mixture of stress and urge incontinence symptoms.

Causes of Urinary Incontinence

There are various causes of urinary incontinence. Women will often experience stress and urge incontinence during pregnancy or following childbirth. Menopause is also a common cause of incontinence for women who choose not to have hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Injury to the pelvis, disease, illness and medications can also be a factor.

Treatment for Incontinence

Current treatment for incontinence typically involves pelvic floor exercise, medication or surgery. But there is a revolutionary new treatment for urinary incontinence which has been clinically proven to work, with 95% of people saying they experienced a significant improvement.

The Emsella chair is an FDA approved treatment for incontinence which works by stimulating the pelvic floor and bladder muscles at a supramaximal level. Meaning that you get the equivalent of 11200 kegel exercises in just a 30-minute session while sitting comfortably. There is no need to take off your clothes during the Emsella treatment and most users say they only felt a mild tingling sensation.

Safe and with no downtime, you can continue your day as usual following treatment in the Emsella chair. The recommended course of treatment for all types of urinary incontinence is six sessions once a week, although some people may benefit from more than this. You may also require an occasional top-up treatment.

It’s Time to Start Talking about Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is relatively common and can affect you at any age, yet many people still feel embarrassed to talk about it. Sadly this means that people suffer unnecessarily instead of receiving appropriate treatment. Your GP is your first point of contact if you have incontinence symptoms. Before your appointment, it is worth keeping a bladder diary for a week; note down what you drink and when you leak urine and if it is a little or a lot. This can help your GP make a more accurate diagnosis to give you the most effective treatment.

You can help to prevent urinary incontinence by:

  • Avoiding alcohol or sticking to under the weekly recommended limit of 14 units.
  • Reducing or giving up drinks with high caffeine content.
  • Losing weight if you are over your recommended body mass index (BMI).
  • Doing daily pelvic floor exercises.

Currently, the Emsella treatment is not available through the NHS. If you are considering funding this treatment yourself, check that the clinic you go to is medically led.

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