posted 12.03.2022

12 Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Are you thinking about laser hair removal but not quite sure if it’s right for you? We’re here to help, so here are some helpful facts that might make your decision easier.

1. It’s a quick process

Although you’ll need several sessions to be hair free, the process of laser hair removal is very quick. Because there are no waxes to heat up or shaving creams to apply, there’s very little prep time involved. Obviously the larger the area the longer it will take, but hair can be removed in as little as 20 minutes.

2. It’s long-lasting

Traditional hair removal methods like shaving, waxing, threading and creams are quick fixes, and in most cases, hair will grow back the same within a few days or weeks. Because laser hair removal targets follicles and inhibits regrowth, when the hair does eventually grow back it’s usually much lighter and thinner. Most people even find that hair never comes back at all.

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3. It’s precise

Laser hair removal uses light beams that can be placed with perfect precision, targeting hair very specifically. Because it’s so precise, the surrounding skin remains completely undamaged.

4. It’s less painful than waxing

While laser hair removal can feel a little uncomfortable, it’s far less painful than waxing or threading because the hair isn’t removed directly from the root. Instead of pain, you’re more likely to just feel a mild sudden heat. Over the past few years laser technology has come a long way, and our lasers contain built-in skin coolers to make the treatment as comfortable as possible. Any discomfort will be short-lived, and you can expect to leave the clinic feeling totally pain-free.

5. You can wear whatever you want

If you’re struggling with stubborn unwanted hair, it can really limit what you wear during the warmer months. Because laser hair removal is so effective you can once again consider skimpy tops, short sleeves and bikinis without having to worry about last-minute shaves.

6. Laser Hair Removal saves time

Hair removal is a time-consuming process, especially when you’re having to shave every day or two. The beauty of laser treatment is that you will never have to think about DIY hair removal again, giving you much more free time.

7. It builds confidence

Anyone who’s struggled with coarse, dark hair understands how self-conscious it can make you feel. Because laser treatment is so effective,  it can have a huge effect on confidence and self-esteem. At Body Lipo Lincoln Your Confidence is Our Mission!


8. It lets you relax on holiday

When you’re on holiday you just want to be able to take it easy, not be preoccupied with dealing with face or body hair every day. Laser hair removal is long-lasting and really effective, which means you can relax throughout the entirety of your break. 

Please note – it’s advised to start your course of laser hair removal treatment a few months before you go away because you’ll need a few sessions before the results really show. It’s also advisable to avoid sun damage close to the treatment, so get booked in nice and early.

9. It makes your skin feel amazing

Laser hair removal leaves skin feeling completely smooth and hair-free after a few sessions, which means there will be no stubble to worry about. Some people also think it makes them look more toned.

10. It might make you smell fresher

Lots of people who’ve had laser surgery report a significant reduction in body odour. This is because bacteria tends to cling to hair deep inside the follicle, which can lead to B.O.  Once that hair has been removed, there’s nowhere for the bacteria to go.

11. It’s great for those with hormonal imbalance or PCOS

Certain medical conditions can cause excess hair growth, which can be very difficult to live with. If you’re suffering from embarrassing dark hair as a result of a hormonal imbalance or polycystic ovarian syndrome, you might find that laser hair removal is a life-changing experience. You can read our blog on polycystic ovarian syndrome and Laser Hair Removal at Body Lipo Lincoln.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome & laser hair Removal

12. There are very few side effects

Many hair removal treatments come with side effects, such as unsightly rashes, stinging and redness. Laser hair removal is quick and easy, and because it’s only the hair follicle that’s targeted and not the surrounding skin, you can expect to feel comfortable soon after your treatment.

Are You Ready for Laser Hair Removal?

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